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About GConference.net
GConference.net is a unique and genuine source for myraid of international academic events starting from international conferences to hot job recruitements for professors and well-educated research personnel. The convinience and flexability of web site utilities can help the users of GConference.net search, post and share the information about upcoming conferences, collaborative research projects, job recruitments and calls for papers in highly rated academice journals. On the other hand, the managing personnel of GConference.net continuously maintain the web site with fresh anouncements and updates regarding the organized events throughout the world. Similarly, the GConference.net administration will gainly collaborate with other bodies holding international events and will effectively promote the dissemination of their information. The technical team will readily accept any suggestions and opinions regarding the improvement of quality of service. The users can contact the administrator and managing staff directly through one-to-one communication in this web site. The free forum enables the users of this web site to share their knowledge and experience in the field of academic issues. International experts involved in maintaining the blogs related to their home region, will constantly provide reliable and useful information about upcoming conferences, traveling information and other events being held in their country.
Vision of GConference.net
GConference.net serves as a place for scholars wishing to share their information in various directions of science such as architecture, civil engineering, politics, economics, business administration, literature, arts, medicine and information technologies. The main vision of GConference.net is questing for the innovations in delivering genuine, up-to-date and global information about upcoming events. We firmly support the efforts our users and accomplish their precious suggestions. Through opening GConference.net, we are preparing a fruitful soil for the on time delivery of useful information to interested people. We hope that the service provided by GConference.net surely bring benifit to everyone and will be constant bookmarked page of our users. We look forward that GConference.net will give much opportunity to exchange our ideas and establish good social ties with each other.

Missions of GConference.net
Our mission pursues the satisfaction of our users' demand for information regarding international events. We are involved in notifying the scholars, professionals and researchers about events of their interest. Also we are engaged in promoting the conferences organized by private institutions and we do our utmost effort in letting people know about their announcement. One of our main goals is publishing useful information about selected conferences and other academic events including the traveling issues in our expert-operated blogs for various regions. The last, but not least goal is to provide good environment for sharing the knowledge and experience between users and encourage the establishement of social relationships among the users of our web site.
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